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So far we have managed to establish the importance of therapy and the problems associated with the existing platforms of online therapy providers. The most logical question to pop up after realising the vast gap between the demand and supply for mental healthcare in South-east Asia, especially India and the derelict condition of the existing infrastructure of psychotherapy is the enquiry of a solution to all of this. To answer the question put forth, here is Amigo.

4 min readJul 31, 2021

Amigo is a platform that caters to people going through mental health problems and design tools for them to be able to cope with it by connecting them to verified professionals in just 3 easy steps. Amigo’s vision is to become a platform that empowers every single Indian to seek help from wherever they want, from whoever they want and whenever they want. Making therapy highly accessible and affordable is what we aim to do alongside making sure that the entire community benefits from it at large.

To break it down for you, Amigo provides affordable mental healthcare through a mobile app where you can schedule appointments with therapists at your convenience from the comforts of your home. It also acts as a convention for professional specialists to register and become providers of help. Here, we will discuss in brief the various features that the application brings with it to simplify the already complicated process of reaching out for help,

  • Seamless sessions within the app: The Amigo app does not require any third party applications to avail any of its features, even for the video calling appointment itself. This will reduce interruptions created by external app interference and allow you to have a heartfelt, healing session with the therapist of your choice. There will be no meeting links needed and no contact information would need to be exchanged, creating an atmosphere of utmost privacy and comfort for both, the client and the therapist.
  • Three-step feature:An appointment can be booked on the Amigo app in three simple steps. The first is to CHOOSE a therapist for yourself based on their qualifications and the feedback given by other clients. The second step is to PICK a slot for your session where the date and time is customisable according to your needs. The last step is to PAY online through any of the method you prefer, and voila! Your appointment is booked. You will receive reminders for this appointment according to the scheduled day and time.
  • Diversity: The group of people that form our team here at Amigo, are a diverse crowd from all over the country. At the time of our launch, we are the glad to have on board, a team of 36 professionals from 20 cities all over India providing therapy in 12 languages to make Amigo the place cut out perfectly to suit your needs. We realise that diversity and representation is the bare minimum required of any organisation and are continually working to better ourselves in this respect, hoping to further extend the scope of our services.
  • Affordability: A major concern that shadows the entire mental healthcare industry in India is the cost of it. Although mental health is termed priceless, every person providing the service needs to be paid in order to sustain themselves and value their time. However, online therapy providers have been accused of overcharging for their services and rightfully so, because online therapy does not require the huge infrastructure that offline therapy does. To combat this, Amigo brings to you therapy sessions at extremely affordable rates, beginning from as low as 499/- INR.
  • Save Time: If you happen to book a session with a therapist after avoiding all the social factors like stigma and taunts, let’s go over the day as a whole. You first get ready to leave, then incur some expenses to travel to the clinic, then wait until your turn comes, have the session and then incur some more expenses for commuting back to your home. With Amigo, all of these middle steps and expenses are cut out. You come of the session 5 to 10 mins prior to the slot and have the session. This entire process takes less than 1 hour of your day and is done from your comfort space.
  • Planner: Amigo comes with a convenient planner for the therapists working with us that aligns their schedule to avoid any clashes or confusion about sessions, which becomes an advantage for both, the client and therapist because we realise and respect how valuable their time is.
  • Daily Journal: The Amigo app also comes with a well-designed feature for a daily journal where you can note down everyday reflections of your life or even use as a place to vent out your thoughts and keep track of them for your next session.

To list out all the amazing features that the creators of Amigo have tried to incorporate into the application would mean an entire research paper full of points. The best way to get to know of all of these is to experience it firsthand for yourself. Download Amigo and take the first step towards the life you deserve.

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Amigo connects you with verified mental health care professionals at affordable rates, so you can live the life that you deserve.